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Tokyo Ghoul: RE Anime Confirmed For 2018


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  • Kaleb

    First 😛 also this better come out or im going to be pissed off

    • tg2

      hehe well we’ll know in a month or two 😀

      • Hideyoshi is a girl

        I’ll cry if it doesn’t, I’ll cry my eyes out

      • Aouchan

        ‘in a month or two’

        four months later…?????/??////?

        • CDA

          *a year later*

          • Drama Soldier

            *Two years later*

          • Nawaf Price

            *4 months later*

      • WhiteGhoul

        In a month or two. 7 months later……. FOR FUUUUUUUUU

    • Mr Mine


    • StolenBook

      I’m not sure whether I actually want the new season after the ending of the anime. They just messed it up so bad that I don’t want to know how they try to fix it.

      • If a third season, again as the second season will not follow the manga.

    • Touka-Chan

      Apperantly Season 3 Will Be Introduced In 2016! Not Long From Now. Im Actually Excited For Season 3! Ive Been Waiting For Months And Months Too So Your Not The Only One Who Will Be Annoyed (:

  • Blacksheep38

    For Tokyo Ghoul :Re all you fanboys and girls will probably go ape shit at the style of artwork and new characters.

  • Sexual Innuendo

    Lol I bet the anime-only watchers are gonna be so confused

    • Hideyoshi is a girl

      I’ve read the manga and I’ve seen the anime. I don’t understand quite what you mean. Unless you’re saying they won’t get the meaning behind “re”

      The anime has a couple big differences in parts of the plot but all in all at least the ending is the same.

      Never saw rize when we would have, nor kannou, nor did the nurse die, etc. and Kaneki also wasn’t part of Aogiri during the anteiku fight. The battle with arima took place in the sewer as Kaneki tried to escape, and he also got to tell Touka he’d return one day

      so I’m guessing the glaring difference here is that now Aogiri aren’t necessarily evil and that Kaneki perhaps willingly joined CCG

      • DREW

        and you forgot the whole clown thing too thats a big one, as far as the anime goes him and Uta are still bros.

    • MidNight1224

      I can’t read manga’s for some reason, like at all. I can only watch the anime.

  • Ghoul from 13th ward

    I will freak out if there is no season 3

  • Domhnall

    Alright I’m seriously fucking confused. That ending of Root A 12 was about as confusing as it could be. So I read somewhere that Root A was a spinoff from the original manga designed to be a “bad end”, like TG was a dating sim or shit. Someone clarify, and also please, in layman’s terms as someone who’s only read a little bit of the manga (online readers are really hard for me for some reaons), explain what re: is going to be?

    • Vaethus

      Manga: He didnt want to be a ghoul at all
      Anime; Wanted to be Ghoul Fuck the CCG

  • atoosa

    I do not know, is the third season? Or not?

  • Hell…o

    I might as well read the manga now

  • sara

    The third season of the anime you do in the summer?

  • tokyo ghoul

    When the third season yet?

  • aida

    Third season comes?

  • Julie

    please no 3rd season, studio pierrot has messed up tokyo ghoul enough already! 🙁

    • Hell No

      I think they are doing their job very good…I like it!

  • Krystal

    Season 3 Confirmed…? PREPARE THE FEELS!!!

  • Sasarious

    Pineapples are coming~

    • MerpDerp


  • lona

    O God, Who was

  • BestAnimeEver

    the ending was pretty sudenly so it was sooo confuse for some of us but there will be a season 3 no? i hope it will come soon and i woul have liked another ending or at least a longer season so it would’nt be so confusing and what is gonna happen to kanneki in the end ? is he gonna fight or joing the CCG or what i am soo confused just like others are i just want more Tokyo Ghoul 😀

  • Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…… I wonder how everything went, I mean when I saw the ending on season 2 I was dying on the inside, litteraly but I think we all know that season 3 wont be a bust and that it will be as enjoyable, if not , better then the first 2 seasons.

  • Haiko

    I pressed season 3 and saw episode 1 and I had a heart attack!


    • Anime_freak


    • McTiklnuts

      chu chu

  • I cringe so hard

  • Ka

    did Kaneki die in the last episode?

  • Owlz!!

    if you didn’t read the manga, then I’ll just say this, kaneki didn’t die, but a newish character takes his place. you should of read the manga even if its no use cuz they mostly stuffed it up by changing the storyline from the manga storylne. 😛 🙁 D:

    • Elian

      Kaneki dos not die he is the new character his hair is turning black agian and he joins ccg I know because he’s the main character for crying out loud do you think there going to kill him? But he lose’s all his memory

  • Touka

    I cant wait for season 3

  • sasaki haise


  • sasaki haise

    actually arime uses his sword to fight and sword pierces through kaneki’s head and he loses, then he also loses his memory and he is brainwashed and he the main character in season 3 as sasaki haise as a ghoul investigator. Maybe they will show the fight between arima and kaneki

  • sasaki haise

    in the first ep

  • sasaki haise

    when sasaki gets his memory and remembers that he is kaneki then he starts doing the ghoul job as he used to and then arima kidnaps him and tries to cut his arms again and again and his hairs turn into white colour and he becomes the almighty kaneki the one eyed ghoul and he fights arima again. After that Kaneki becomes the king of one eyed ghouls

  • Kazuto Shiota

    IF cant help me to download tokyo ghoul season 3 … Please reply

  • MrDeadPumpkin

    well i just got spoilers, was going to read the manga…thanks guys..really helping…
    i did expect that he wouldn’t die.

  • Katsumagi

    And here I thought that it was out already, got my hopes up hahah. Anyone knows how long 131 will be?

  • subarno majumder

    waiting eagerly for the third season