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You Are watching Tokyo Ghoul √A Season 02 JACK OVA. Episode 13 in the TV Anime Series Tokyo Ghoul √A 2.




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  • Storyline about Arima’s past…

  • bob


  • T O K Y O G H O U L O V A J A C K

    About Arima’s PAST!

  • Krystal

    This obviously is not gonna end well since Arima became an emotionless badass in the present. Probably a reason why he is like that, because we don’t or have Never seen this character named Taishi Fura. PREPARE THE FEELS!!!

    • S

      Arima become like that when he fought Yoshimura (The owl) in younger age

  • Rose

    This is a stupid ending. Most part of this ending is watching Keneki walking o-o wtf

    • Rose

      sorry posted in wrong part please remove this ;w;

  • Sinner

    \O/ praise for dem spinoffs

  • Yuuki Asuna

    I think the girl with pink hair and the eye patch was like Kaneki like a half and half. Though in Root A we found that there were 2 other girls the same as Kaneki.

    • gaylorde xXx

      She isn’t at all, it’s very unlikely because the doctor that turned Kaneki into a one eyed ghoul has only turned 4 people into ghouls, that we know of (spoilers of :re);
      Kaneki, Takisawa (in :re), the sisters Kurona and Nashiro Yasuhisa.
      She only got stabbed in the eye, so, yeah.

  • Tokyo Ghoul Reboot by MADHOUSE

    MADHOUSE productions are almost always on point when it comes to staying true to the manga. Death Note, Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu, Claymore are just a few of its brilliant works. Now, what happened to Tokyo Ghoul is just heartbreaking. I mean, we have a manga that is on par with Death Note when it comes to its complexity and psychological theme and it gets that sorry adaptation from Studio Pierrot. Not only did they butcher the plot, they also ruined the characters and their development. Imagine if Death Note had as anime adaptation a story about a bored high school kid who finds a notebook and begins to randomly kill people, managing not to get caught by the police because there are no characters with an IQ higher than 2 digits. This reboot has to happen.