Tokyo Ghoul Season 1

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 01 Uncensored Subbed

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  • woody


  • Xia Lau

    Is there really a difference between uncensored and censored if anything there’s more blood in the first ep and we see a dead body ooooh so scary o-o

    • Brianna Nicole Chiever

      In the censored version the pile of bodies Rize is sitting on is censored as a black blob, and the head that Nishki kicked was also blacked out.

    • Kattandra

      i dunno about the censor on this site but anywhere else the screen is pretty much 75% black in all scenes with blood in the censored version

      • Thea Yeager


  • bes waifu32

    This shit IS way to frickin gorrrrrrrry. BUT I LOVE IT!