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Tokyo Ghoul 2 √A Episode 9 Uncensored

Tokyo Ghoul √A Season 2 Episode 9 uncensored. Watch Tokyo Ghoul √A Episode 9 uncensored in High Quality HD online on
You Are watching Tokyo Ghoul √A Season 02 Episode 9 uncensored. Episode 9 in the TV Anime Series Tokyo Ghoul √A 2.



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  • LolKawaiiDesu

    Sooo, what we’ve seen of the “Owl” so far is not really the Owl, but the old man. So everyone thinks he is the Owl and they say he is a one-eyed Ghoul, but the real Owl is his son, whom the old man is protecting

    • shade


    • Chris Alexander

      He is the owl, but not the one eyed owl. He is pretending to be the one eyed owl, to protect his daughter in someway. They fight him because they think he is the killing owl, but he’s actually the friendly one… friendlier*

  • bes waifu32

    But my ship sank 🙁

    • I accidentally deleted the comment, I said just ship her with the arm instead of the whole person in case anyone is wondering