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Tokyo Ghoul √A Episode 10.
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  • Yuki-Sorata

    I can agree to you..but I still love Toyko Ghoul cause my life is related to Kaneki Ken and it entirely changed my high school life and my personality completely changed due to this anime..and for that I dont care how bad this anime is it’s changed me and I’m glad it did.

  • tokyghol –

    For the reasons you’ve listed as why Tokyo Ghoul is a “terrible anime” is what makes it so special, so to speak. First off, Kaneki Ken, the protagonist of the story is probably one of the most intriguing and fascinating character arcs I’ve seen. He’s shown an astonishing amount of character development. Take the beginning of this entire anime: where he couldn’t even eat flesh, and would risk the well-being of himself just to avoid that. He was practically horrified of the entire idea. Now, fast-forward a dozen episodes, and he’s basically turning into a cannibal just so that he is able to be stronger and become a “Kakajya”. As for his backstory, this anime is his backstory. Before this, he was just a regular human. As for the moralities and the “lessons” to it, there are tons. Take Jozu for example. Perfect representation of someone who was “broken” and looked among others as someone with broken sanity, beyond any repair. He’s now fighting Ghouls for the “greater good” of humanity. Or, even take Akira. She hated Amon, because, he was the cause of her father’s death. Now, I think it’s safe to say that she trusts him the her life. As for saying that there’s no “romance” in this anime, Amon and Akira seem to have a cannon relationship. Hinami asking around what “True Love” means also adds to this. And it’s sort of implied that Touka likes Kaneki. Even in season one, Nishiki and Kima definitely loved each other. But then again, personally, I don’t like my animus to be romantic. It seems that in every media I take interest in, lead female roles are usually forced to be a romantic interest as well. When are we going to have an aromatic/asexual character in any type of literature whatsoever? Addressing the fact that there is no comic relief in this anime, well, there is a few parts. For example, Akira mentioning calculations that completely shock Amon, and the fights between Jozu and Takizawa, both Takizawa and Akira getting drunk at the bar, and so fourth. Though, again, this is an anime about how humans are clashing with Ghouls, how people are killing each other and then “justifying” it. It’s not supposed to be a light anime. As for having the anime make us subconsciously root for the antagonists or place them on the “winning” side, that’s what I love so much about Tokyo Ghoul. I’m tired of seeing the same plot, where the “good guys” always win. having an anime make you contradict yourself, ask yourself, “hey, who am I rooting for? Who do I want to win? Kaneki or Akira?” that’s something that I haven’t seen other animus do. This anime forces you to think. Thus, I believe this is what makes Tokyo Ghoul such an amazing anime. It looks at a stereotypical chart of events in an anime and says “No, fuck you.”